FRM-40209 : Field must be of form XX,XX,XXX coming several times

I have a form which has a Number field. I set it's Format Mask property to 9,99,99,99,99,999 so that I can format it comma separated and to restrict the user to enter decimal values. If the user enter any format other than this for example any decimal values, it is showing the message FRM-40209:Field must be of the form 9,99,99,99,99,999 which is fine. But when the user enters a decimal value and try to save the form it pop up this message several times. I tried to catch this error in ON-ERROR t... Read More


  1. Run the form in debug mode; it will tell you which triggers fire and, possibly, cause that message to appear many times.
  2. Thanks for the reply ON_ERROR trigger is firing all the times. But I couldn't figure out why it is firing so many times (5 times). I changed only one record value. Even then I am getting this error 5 times.

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